Looks Like Crab But Is Not Crab
In Aerial Times
Once In A While

Wether it is a labradoodle or all-purpose cleaner: Daan Wubben draws inspiration from oddly ordinary themes, that no-one else seems to even blink an eye at. He uncovers the underlying implications of such themes from the cobwebs of our assumptions by directing our attention towards something ‘extra’ within the ‘ordinary’. His work is both relatable and poetic, but leaves nothing to the imagination. Using the mirror of his camera, Daan reflects on different sides of a narrative, so that we can see the bigger picture


︎︎︎Once in a While...

But once in a while…

From his loft apartment on the first floor of an expat flat in downtown Eindhoven, Daan Wubben has a view over a collection point for glass and paper. The average box rarely fits through the relatively small opening of the paper bin, often resulting in more paper ending up next to the container than inside. But once in a while…

Once in a while… (2019)